Shaolin Art, Taoist alchemist  secrets of immortality

In Ancient China Taoist alchemists tried to develop a pill for immortality and transform base metals into gold. Although they never really got the formulas working, they did learn to transform their psychological weaknesses in psychological triumphs. Be your own Guru, ProNo self development offers proven concepts from internal martial arts and Taoism to guide you into the transformation to sustainable forms of self management and self leadership.

In everyday life and at work, you are often led by things which you can not see or you pay barely conscious attention to it. Would not it be nice and practical to develop a consciousness for subtle not immediately sensible management processes?

We call this subtle consciousness, TheFeel, a holistic perception in which your body and mind forms  a sense organ that translates the situation into your consciousness. ProNo self development teaches you to work from this holistic perception, in order to gain access to the creative vacuum, the surrounding field which is full of inspirational processes. If you learn to listen more broader to what is not yet put onto words, your imagination and feeling can create something (an insight or idea) what did not exist before. You translate the felt perception, a co-creation of your imagination and inspiring surrounding field. If you learn to act from your natural essence, you can change the base metals of disorder, decay and missed opportunities into the gold of coherence, sustainability and new opportunities.

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